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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus dem Institut für Translationale Physiologie

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Liste der Publikationen des Instituts für Translationale Physiologie sowie Links zu den Publikationen in der Forschungsdatenbank der Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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Publikationsliste des Instituts, aufgelistet nach Jahren

Publikationen 2023

Avery EG, Bartolomaeus H, Rauch A, Chen CY, N'Diaye G, Löber U, Bartolomaeus TUP, Fritsche-Guenther R, Rodrigues AF, Yarritu A, Zhong C, Fei L, Tsvetkov D, Todiras M, Park JK, Markó L, Maifeld A, Patzak A, Bader M, Kempa S, Kirwan JA, Forslund SK, Müller DN, Wilck N: 
Quantifying the impact of gut microbiota on inflammation and hypertensive organ damage
Cardiovasc Res. 119:1441-1452, 2023

Persson PB, Hillmeister P, Bondke Persson A:
Translation: Bench to bedside – and back.
Acta Physiol 238:e13965, 2023

Lichti J, Maggioni MA, Balcerek B, Becker PN, Labes R, Gunga HC, Fähling M, Steinach M:
The relevance of body composition assessment for the rating of perceived exertion in trained and untrained women and men.
Frontiers in Physiology 14:1188802, 2023

Zinzius K, Marchetti GM, Fischer R, Milrad Y, Oltmanns A, Kelterborn S, Yacoby I, Hegemann P, Scholz M, Hippler M:
Calredoxin regulates the chloroplast NADPH-dependent thioredoxin reductase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Plant Physiology 00:1-19, 2023

Persson PB:
The new impact factor for Acta Physiologica: Rising high in the field of physiology.
Acta Physiol 239:e14019, 2023

Bondke Persson A, Persson PB, Hillmeister P:
How the availability of information affects the responsibility of the researcher?
Acta Physiol 239:e14022, 2023

Xu Z, Zhang M, Wang W, Zhou S, Yu M, Qiu X, Jiang S, Wang X, Tang C, Li S, Wang CH, Zhu R, Peng WX, Zhao L, Fu X, Patzak A, Persson PB, Zhao L, Mao J, Shu Q, Lai EY, Zhang G:
Dihydromyricetin attenuates cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury by reducing oxidative stress, inflammation and ferroptosis.
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 473:116595, 2023

Dinh HA, Stölting G, Scholl UI:
Cav3.2 (CACNA1H) in primary aldosteronism.
Handbook of Exp Pharmacology 279:249-262, 2023

Cantow K, Gladytz T, Millward JM, Waiczies S, Niendorf T, Seeliger E:
Monitoring kidney size to interpret MRI-based assessment of renal oxygenation in acute pathophysiological scenarios. 
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13868, 2023 

Labes R, Roegner K:
Prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors, polydrug use, and the phosphoproteome.
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13898, 2023 
Persson PB:
Who may receive the next Acta Physiologica Award of US$ 100 000?
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13901, 2023 
Meinert F, Lemâle CL, Major S, Helgers SOA, Dömer P, Mencke R, Bergold MN, Dreier JP, Hecht N, Woitzik J:
Less-invasive subdural electrocorticography for investigation of spreading depolarizations in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Front Neurol 13:1091987, 2023 

Horst V, Kola V, Lemale CL, Major S, Winkler MKL, Hecht N, Santos E, Platz J, Sakowitz OW, Vatter H, Dohmen C, Scheel M, Vajkoczy P, Hartings JA, Woitzik J, Martus P, Dreier JP:
Spreading depolarization and angiographic spasm are separate mediators of delayed infarcts.
Brain Commun. 5:fcad080, 2023 

Catalan RE, Fragkopoulos AA, von Trott N, Kelterborn S, Baidukova O, Hegemann P, Bäumchen O: Light-regulated adsorption and desorption of Chlamydomonas cells at surfaces.
Soft Matters 19:306-314, 2023

Dauth A, Breborowicz A, Ruan Y, Tang Q, Zadeh JK, Böhm EW, Pfeiffer N, Khedkar PH, Patzak A, Vujacic-Mirski K, Daiber A, Geriecke A:
Sulodexide prevents hyperglycemia-induced endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress in porcine retinal arterioles
Antioxidants 12:388, 2023 

Persson, PB, Bondke Persson A:
Exercise and engery
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13911, 2023 

Persson, PB, Bonde Persson A:
Why less is often more: Individualizing shear rate therapy for systemic atherosclerosis
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13929, 2023 

Kriuchkova N, Breiderhoff T, Müller D, Yilmaz DE, Demirci H, Drewell H, Günzel D, Himmerkus N, Bleich M, Persson PB, Mutig K:
Furosemide rescues hypercalciuria in familial hypomagnesaemia with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis model
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13927, 2023 
Persson, PB, Bondke Persson A:
Development, growth, and beyond
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 237:e13955, 2023 

Kourpa A, Schulz A, Mangelsen E, Kaiser-Graf D, Koppers N, Stoll M, Rothe M, Bader M, Purfürst B, Kunz S, Gladytz T, Niendorf T, Bachmann S, Mutig K, Bolbrinker J, Panáková D, Kreutz R:
Studies in zebrafish and rat models support dual blockade of EP2 and EP4 (prostaglandin E2 receptors type 2 and 4) for renoprotection in glomerular hyperfiltration and albuminuria
Hypertension 80:771-782, 2023 

Zhang D-D, Duan X-P, Mutig K, Rausch F, Xiao Y, Zheng J-Y, Lin D-H, Wang W-H:
Calcineurin inhibitors stimulate Kir4.1/Kir5.1 of the distal convoluted tubule to increase NaCl cotransporter
JCI Insight 8:e165987, 2023 

Bothe TL, Bilo G, Parati G, Haberl R, Pilz N, Patzak A:
Impact of oscillometric measurement artefacts in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring on estimates of average blood pressure and of its variability: a pilot study
J Hypertens 41:140-149, 2023 
Pilz N, Patzak A, Bothe TL:
The pre-ejection period is a highly stress dependent parameter of paramount importance for pulse-wave-velocity based applications
Frontiers in Cardivascular Med 10:1138356, 2023 

Roth B, Bothe TL, Patzak A, Pilz N:
Validation of the ABPMpro ambulatory blood pressure monitor in the general population according to AAMI/ESH/ISO Universal Standord (ISO 81060-2:2018)
Blood Pressure Monitoring 28:158-162, 2023 
Sieckmann T, Schley G, Ögel N, Kelterborn S, Boivin F, Fähling M, Ashraf MI, Reichel M, Vigolo E, Hartner A, Lichtenberger F-B, Breiderhoff T, Knauf F, Rosenberger C, Aigner F, Schmidt-Ott K, Scholz H, Kirschner KM:
Strikingly conserved gene expression changes of polyamine regulating enzyme among various forms of acute and chronic kidney injury
Kidney International 104:90-107, 2023 

Klämbt V, Buerger F, Wang C, Naeret T, Richter K, Nauth T, Weiss A-C, Sieckmann T, Lai E, Connaughton DM, Seltzsam S, Mann N, Majmundar AJ, Wu C-HW, Onuchic-Whitford AC, Shril S, Schneider S, Schierbaum L, Dai R, Bekheirnia MR, Joosten M, Shlomovitz O, Vivante A, Banne E, Mane S, Lifton RP, Kirschner KM, Kispert A, Rosenberger G, Fischer K-D, Lienkamp SS, Zegers MMP, Hildebrandt F: 
Genetic variants in ARHGEF6 cause congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract in humans, mice, and frogs.
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology/JASN 34:273-290, 2023 

Persson, PB, Bondke Persson A:
Did you know? Dopamine, pop culture and beyond.
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 238:e13971, 2023 

Sholokh A, Walter S, Marko L, McMurray BJ, Sunaga-Franze DY, Xu M, Zuhlke K, Russwurm M, Bartolomaeus TUP, Langanki R, Qadri F, Heuser A, Patzak A, Forslund SK, Bähring S, Borodani T, Persson PB, Maass PG, Bader M, Klussmann E: 
Mutant PDE3A protects the kidney from hypertension-induced damage. 
Kidney International 104:388-393, 2023 

Fei L, Xu M, Wang H, Zhong C, Jiang S, Lichtenberger FB, Erdoğan C, Wang H, Bonk JS, Lai E, Persson PB, Kovács R, Zheng Z, Patzak A, Khedkar PH:
Piezo1 Mediates Vasodilation Induced by Acute Hyperglycemia in Mouse Renal Arteries and Microvessels.
Hypertension 80:1598-1610, 2023

Bane O, Seeliger E, Cox E, Stabinska J, Bechler E, Lewis S, Hickson LJ, Francis S, Sigmund E, Niendorf T
Renal MRI: from Nephron to NMR signal
J Magn Reson Imaging. 2023 May 26. doi: 10.1002/jmri.28828. online ahead of print

Zhao K, Li S, Liu Y, Li Q, Lin H, Wu Z, Seeliger E, Niendorf T, Liu Z, Wang W:
Diagnostic and prognostic performance of renal compartment volume and the apparent diffusion coefficient obtained from magnetic resonance imaging in mild, moderate and severe diabetic kidney disease
Quant Imaging Med Surg. 13(6):3973-3987, 2023

Publikationen 2022

Quintanova C, Himmerkus N, Svendsen SL, von Schwerdtner O, Merkel C, Pinckert L, Mutig K, Breiderhoff T, Müller D, Günzel D, Bleich M:
Unrecognized role of claudin-10b in basolateral membrane infoldings of the thick ascending limb
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1517:266-278, 2022

Neusius D, Kleinknecht L, Teh JT, Ostermeier M, Kelterborn S, Eirich J, Hegemann P, Finkemeier I, Bohne AV, Nickelsen J: 
Lysine acetylation regulates moonlighting activity of the E2 subunit of the chloroplast pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in Chlamydomonas 
Plant J. 111(6):1780-1800, 2022

Labes R, Dong L, Mrowka R, Bachmann S, von Vietinghoff S, Paliege A:
Annexin A1 exerts renoprotective effects in experimental crescentic glomerulonephritis
Front Physiol. 13:984362, 2022

Pilz N, Patzak A, Bothe TL: 
Continuous cuffless and non-invasive measurement of arterial blood pressure-concepts and future perspectives 
Blood Press. 31:254-269, 2022 

Kirschner KM: 
Open research data - Expectations and limitations 
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 236:e13900, 2022 

Wang X, Jiang S, Fei L, Dong F, Xie L, Qiu X, Lei Y, Guo J, Zhong M, Ren X, Yang Y, Zhao L, Zhang G, Wang H, Tang C, Yu L, Liu R, Patzak A, Persson PB, Hultström M, Wei Q, Lai EY, Zheng Z: 
Tacrolimus Causes Hypertension by Increasing Vascular Contractility via RhoA (Ras Homolog Family Member A)/ROCK (Rho-Associated Protein Kinase) Pathway in Mice 
Hypertension. 79:2228-2238, 2022

Bonk JS, Khedkar PH:
Chronic fatigue syndrome: An old public health issue highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 236:e13863, 2022
Mei Y, Yang G, Guo Y, Zhao K, Wu S, Xu Z, Zhou S, Yan C, Seeliger E, Niendorf T, Xu Y, Feng Y:
Parametric MRI detects aristolochic acid induced acute kidney injury
Tomography 8:2902-2914, 2022 

Baidukova O, Oppermann J, Kelterborn S, Fernandez Lahore RG, Schumacher D, Evers H, Kamrani YY, Hegemann P:
Gating and ion selectivity of Channelrho-dopsins are critical for photo-activated orientation of Chlamydomonas as shown by in vivo point mutation
Nature communications 13:7253, 2022

Ye Q, Lan B, Liu H, Persson PB, Lai EY, Mao J:
A critical role of the podocyte cytoskeleton in the pathogenesis of glomerular proteinuria and autoimmune podocythopathies
Acta Physiologica 235:e13850, 2022
Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica saves hours of work: Now submit free format
Acta Physiologica 235:e13855, 2022 

Labes R, Brinkmann L, Kulow VA, Roegner K, Mathia S, Balcerek B, Persson PB, Rosenberger C, Fähling M:
Daprodustat prevent cyclosporine-A mediated anemia and peritubular capillary loss
Kidney International 102:750-765, 2022 
Bothe TL, Pilz N, Dippel LJ:
The compass of biomedicine
Acta Physiologica 236:e13856, 2022 

Wu K, Fei L, Wang X, Lei Y, Yu L, Xu W, Chen J, Zhu E, Zhong M, Huang M, Xi J, Yin F, Yan Z, Zhao X, Tang C, Patzak A, Liu X, Zheng Z:
ZIP14 is involved in iron deposition and triggers ferroptosis in diabetic nephropathy
Metallomics 14: mfac034, 2022 

Persson PB
Acta Physiologica, member of the top 5% club
Acta Physiologica 235:e13807, 2022 

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Illuminating physiology
Acta Physiologica 235:e13814, 2022 

Persson PB, Hillmeister P, Bondke Persson A:
Acta Physiologica 235:e13842, 2022 

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Physiological research in an attention economy
Acta Physiologica 234:e13797, 2022 

Persson PB:
Open access to Ukrainian thoughts, not to their soil
Acta Physiologica 234:e13810, 2022 

Xu M, Lichtenberger FB, Erdogan C, Lai EY, Persson PB, Patzak A, Khedkar PH:
Nitric oxide signaling in descending vasa recta after hypoxia/re-oxygenation
Int. J Mol Sci 23:7016, 2022 

Sieg M, Sciesielski LK, Kirschner KM, Kruppa J:
Change point detection for clustered expression data
BMC Genomics 23:491, 2022 

Stehle D, Xu M, Schomber T, Hahn MG, Schweda F, Feil S, Kraehling JR, Eitner F, Patzak A, Sandner P, Feil R, Bénardeau A:
Novel soluble guanylyl cyclase activators increase glomerular cGMP, induce vasodilation and improve blood flow in the murine kidney
Br J Pharmacol 179: 2476-2489, 2022 

Bothe TL, Patzak A, Pilz N:
The B-Score is a novel metric for measuring the true performance of blood pressure estimation models
Scientific Reports 12:12173, 2022 

Cui Y, Kassmann M, Nickel S, Zhang C, Alenina N, Anistan YM, Schleifenbaum J, Bader M, Welsh DG, Huang Y, Gollasch M:
Myogenic Vasoconstriction Requires Canonical G q/11 Signaling of the Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor.
J Am Heart Assoc. 11(4):e022070, 2022

Breiderhoff T, Himmerkus N, Meoli L, Fromm A, Sewerin S, Kriuchkova N, Nagel O, Ladilov Y, Krug SM, Quintanova C, Stumpp M, Garbe-Schönberg D, Westernströer U, Merkel C, Brinkhus MA, Altmüller J, Schweiger MR, Müller D, Mutig K, Morawski M, Halbritter J, Milatz S, Bleich M, Günzel D:
Claudin-10a Deficiency Shifts Proximal Tubular Cl - Permeability to Cation Selectivity via Claudin-2 Redistribution.
J Am Soc Nephrol. 33(4):699-717, 2022

Zheng Z, Tsvetkov D, Bartolomaeus TUP, Erdogan C, Krügel U, Schleifenbaum J, Schaefer M, Nürnberg B, Chai X, Ludwig FA, N'diaye G, Köhler MB, Wu K, Gollasch M, Markó L:
Role of TRPC6 in kidney damage after acute ischemic kidney injury.
Sci Rep. 12(1):3038, 2022

Awasthi M, Ranjan P, Kelterborn S, Hegemann P, Snell WJ:
A cytoplasmic protein kinase couples engagement of Chlamydomonas ciliary receptors to cAMP-dependent cellular responses.
J Cell Sci. 135:jcs.259814, 2022

Kelterborn S, Boehning F, Sizova I, Baidukova O, Evers H, Hegemann P:
Gene Editing in Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii via CRISPR-Cas9 Ribonucleoproteins.
Methods Mol Biol. 2379:45-65, 2022

Kirschner KM, Kelterborn S, Stehr H, Penzlin JLT, Jacobi CLJ, Endesfelder S, Sieg M, Kruppa J, Dame C, Sciesielski LK:
Adaptation of the Oxygen Sensing System during Lung Development.
Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2022:9714669, 2022

Kirschner KM, Scholz H:
WT1 in Adipose Tissue: From Development to Adult Physiology.
Front Cell Dev Biol.10:854120, 2022

Bär SI, Dittmer A, Nitzsche B, Ter-Avetisyan G, Fähling M, Klefenz A, Kaps L, Biersack B, Schobert R, Höpfner M:
Chimeric HDAC and the cytoskeleton inhibitor broxbam as a novel therapeutic strategy for liver cancer.
Int J Oncol. 60(6):73, 2022

Zhou S, Guo J, Liao X, Zhou Q, Qiu X, Jiang S, Xu N, Wang X, Zhao L, Hu W, Xie L, Xie P, Cui Y, Yang Y, Patzak A, Persson PB, Mao J, Lai EY:
rhADAMTS13 reduces oxidative stress by cleaving VWF in ischaemia/reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury.
Acta Physiol (Oxf). 234(3):e13778, 2022

Kirschner KM, Foryst-Ludwig A, Gohlke S, Li C, Flores RE, Kintscher U, Schupp M, Schulz TJ, Scholz H:
Wt1 haploinsufficiency induces browning of epididymal fat and alleviates metabolic dysfunction in mice on high-fat diet
Diabetologia 65:528-540, 2022 

Yilmaz DE, Kirschner K, Demirci H, Himmerkus N, Bachmann S, Mutig K:
Immunosuppressive calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporine A induces pro-apoptotic endoplasmic reticulum stress in renal tubular cells
J Biol Chem. 298:101589, 2022 

Jensen BL, Persson PB:
Good publication practice in physiology 2021
Acta Physiologica 234:e13741, 2022

Persson PB:
Two groups receive ultimate award for scientific publishing, the USD$ 100 000 Acta Physiologica Award
Acta Physiologica 234:e13738, 2022

Persson PB, Persson AB:
Scientific due diligence [in times of need for reliable information]
Acta Physiologica 234:e13740, 2022

Dong F, Jiang S, Tang C, Wang X, Ren X, Wei Q, Tian J, Hu W, Guo J, Fu X, Liu L, Patzak A, Persson PB, Gao F, Lai EY, Zhao L:
Trimethylamine N-oxide promotes hyperoxaluria-induced calcium oxalate deposition and kidney injury by activating autophagy
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 179:288-300, 2022

Scholz H:
Erythropoietin – producing cells in the kidney: Novel insights in their long-term fate during hypoxaemia and renal tissue remodeling
Acta Physiologica 234:e13786, 2022

Bothe TL, Dippel LJ, Pilz N:
The art of planning – How many samples are enough?
Acta Physiologica 234:e13746, 2022

Publikationen 2021

Periquito JS, Gladytz T, Millward JM, Delgado PR, Cantow K, Grosenick D, Hummel L, Anger A, Zhao K, Seeliger E, Pohlmann A, Waiczies S, Niendorf T:
Continuous diffusion spectrum computation for diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of the kidney tubule system
Quant Imaging Med Surg 11: 3098-3119, 2021

Jiang S, Shui Y, Cui Y, Tang C, Wang X, Qiu X, Hu W, Fei L, Li Y, Zhang S, Zhao L, Xu N, Dong F, Ren X, Liu R, Persson PB, Patzak A, Lai EY, Wei Q, Zheng Z:
Gut microbiota dependent trimethylamine N-oxide aggravates angiotensin II-induced hypertension
Redox Biology 46: 102115, 2021

Persson PB:
A further increase in Acta Physilogica’s impact factor
Acta Physiologica 233:e13710, 2021

Sciesielski LK, Felten M, Michalick L, Kirschner KM, Lattanzi G, Jacobi CLJ, Wallach T, Lang V, Landgraf D, Kramer A, Dame C:
The circadian clock regulates rhythmic erythropoietin expression in the murine kidney
Kidney Int. 100:1071-1080, 2021

Hu J, Xu Y, Bachmann S, Mutig K:
Angiotensin II receptor blockade alleviates calcineurin inhibitor nephrotoxicity by restoring cyclooxygenase 2 expression in kidney cortex
Acta Physiologica 232:e13612, 2021

Birk M, Baum E, Zadeh JK, Manicam C, Pfeiffer N, Patzak A, Helmstädter J, Steven S, Kuntic M, Daiber A, Gericke A:
Angiotensin II induces oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in mouse ophthalmic arteries via involvement of AT1 receptors and NOX2
Antioxidants 10:1238, 2021

Cordes S, Mokhtari Z, Bartosova M, Mertlitz S, Riesner K, Shi Y, Mengwasser J, Kalupa M, McGeary A, Schleifenbaum J, Schrezenmeier J, Bullinger L, Diaz-Ricart M, Palomo M, Carreras E, Beutel G, Schmitt CP, Beilhack A, Penack O:
Endothelial damage and dysfunction in acute graft-versus-host disease
Haematologica 106(8):2147-2160, 2021

Bothe TL, Patzak A, Schubert R, Pilz N:
Getting it right matters! Covid-19 pandemic analogies to everyday life in medical sciences
Acta Physiologica 233:e13714, 2021

Zhong C, Xu M, Boral S, Summer H, Lichtenberger FB, Erdogan C, Gollasch M, Golz S, Persson PB, Schleifenbaum J, Patzak A, Khedkar PH:
Age impairs soluble guanylyl cyclase function in mouse mesenteric arteries
Int J Molecular Sciences 22:11412, 2021

Kreutz R, Deray G, Floege J, Gwechenberger M, Hahn K, Luft AR, Persson P, Beyer-Westendorf J:
Rationale and design of XARENO: XA inhibition in RENal patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Observational registry
Kardiologica Polska 79:1265-1267, 2021 

Morcos M, Burgdorf C, Vukadinivikj A, Mahfoud F, Latus J, Persson PB, Schwenger V, Remppis A:
Kidney injury as post-interventional complication of TAVI
Clinical Res Cardiology 110:313-322, 2021

Kirschner KM:
Reduce, replace, refine – Animal experiments
Acta Physiologica 233:e13726, 2021

Indorf P, Patzak A, Lichtenberger FB:
Drug metabolism in animal models and humans: Translational aspects and chances for individual therapy
Acta Physiologica 233:e13734, 2021

Rabuffetti M, Steinach M, Lichti J, Gunga H-C, Balcerek B, Becker PN, Fähling M, Merati G, Maggioni MA:
The association of fatigue with decreasing regularity of locomotion during an incremental test in trained and untrained healthy adults
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 9:724791, 2021

Schmidt V, Sieckmann T, Kirschner KM, Scholz H:
WT1 regulates HOXB9 gene expression in a bidirectional way
BBA – Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1864(11-12):194764, 2021

Ivanets NN, Svistunov AA, Chubarev VN, Kinkulkina MA, Tikhonova YG, Syzrantsev NS, Sologova SS, Ignatyeva NV, Mutig K, Tarasov VV:
Can molecular biology propose reliable biomarkers for diagnosing major depression?
Current Pharmaceutical Design 27(2):305-318, 2021

Kulow VA, Fähling M:
How to increase cellular oxygen availability in COVID-19?
Acta Physiologica 233:e13724, 2021

Patzak A:
Measuring blood pressure by a cuffless device using the pulse transit time
International Journal of Cardiology Hypertension 8, 2021 PMID: 33884365

Zhang YY, Xu CX, Ye Q, Tong LX, Jiang H, Zhu XJ, Huang LM, Lin WQ, Fu HD, Wang JJ, Persson PB, Lai EY, Mao JH:
Podocyte apoptosis in diabetic nephropathy by BASP1 activation of the p53 pathway via WT1
Acta Physiologica 232:e13634, 2021 PMID: 33615732

Lichtenberger FB, Patzak A:
Acta Physiologica 232:e13646, 2021 PMID: 33683824

Persson PB:
Thank you Mikko Nikinmaa!
Acta Physiologica 232:e13654, 2021 PMID: 33783122

Persson PB:
New impact factor calculation dramatically affects publishing: What authors should know
Acta Physiologica 232:e13633, 2021 PMID: 33609336 

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Environment and exposure
Acta Physiologica 231:e13632, 2021 PMID: 33606351

Persson PB:
This month in Acta Physiologica: A record in volume size
Acta Physiologica 232:e13639, 2021 PMID: 33638316

Hu WP, Jiang S, Liao YX, Li JH, Dong F, Guo J, Wang XH, Fei LY, Cui Yu, Ren XQ, Xu N, Zhao L, Chen LM, Zheng Y, Li LL, Patzak A, Persson PB, Zheng ZH, Lai EY:
High phosphate impairs arterial endothelial function through AMPK-related pathways in mouse resistance arteries
Acta Physiologica 231:e13595, 2021 PMID: 33835704

Ruan Y, Patzak A, Pfeiffer N, Gericke A:
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in the retina-Therapeutic implications
Int J of Molecular Sciences 22:4989, 2021 PMID: 34066677

Bothe TL, Patzak A:
Significant significance?
Acta Physiologica :e13665, 2021 PMID: 33884760

Stehle D, Xu MZ, Schomber T, Hahn MG, Schweda F, Feil S, Kraehling JR, Patzak A, Sandner P, Feil R, Bénardeau A:
Novel sGC activators increase glomerular cGMP, induce vasodilation, and improve blood flow in the murine kidney
Br J Pharmacology : 2021, epub ahead of print PMID: 34096053

Semenyutin, V, Aliev V, Panuntsev G, Patzak A:
Perioperative dynamics of intracranial B-waves of blood flow velocity in the basal cerebral arteries in patients with brain arteriovenous malformation
Acta Neurochir Suppl. 131:63-68, 2021 PMID: 33839820

Gladytz T, Millward JM, Cantow K, Hummel L, Zhao KX, Flemming B, Periquito JS, Pohlmann A, Waiczies S, Seeliger E, Niendorf T:
Reliable kidney size determination by magnetic resonance imaging in pathophysiological settings
Acta Physiologica :e13701, 2021 PMID: 34089569

Sizova I, Kelterborn S; Verbenko V, Kateriya S, Hegemann P:
Chlamydomonas POLQ is necessary for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene targeting
G3 Journal : jkab114, 2021 epub ahead of print PMID: 33836052

Rosenberger C, Fähling M:
A triple sense of oxygen promotes neurovascular angiogenesis in NG2-derived cells      
Acta Physiologica 231:e13578, 2021 PMID: 33202114

Zhou S, Guo J, Zhao L, Liao Y, Zhou Q, Yu C, Hu W, Chen J, Ren X, Wei Q, Jiang S, Zheng Y, Li L, Wilcox CS, Persson PB, Patzak A, Tian J, Lai EY:
ADAMTS13 inhibits oxidative stress and ameliorates progressive chronic kidney disease following ischaemia/reperfusion injury
Acta Physiologica 231:e13586, 2021 PMID: 33226724

Wennysia IC, Zhao L, Schomber T, Braun D, Golz S, Summer H, Benardeau A, Lai EY, Lichtenberger F-B, Schubert R, Persson PB, Xu MZ, Patzak A:
Role of soluble guanylyl cyclase in renal afferent and efferent arterioles
Am J Physiol, Renal Physiology 320:F193-F202, 2021 PMID: 33356952

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
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Persson PB:
Record in submission to Acta Physiologica                                                         
Acta Physiologica 231:e13614, 2021 PMID: 33453086

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Acta Physiologica 231:e13617, 2021 PMID: 33484232

Persson PB:
Outstanding articles 2020                                                                                                          
Acta Physiologica 232:e13621, 2021 PMID: 33580727

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Imagine physiology without imaging
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Found formula for outperforming manuscripts
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Intermittent fasting-The new lifestyle?
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Bibliometrics for 2019: For the third year in row, the impact factor is between five and six
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Acta Physiologica in numbers, performance indicators for 2019
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SARS-CoV-2: What do we know so far?
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Persson PB:
National funding agencies upgrade Acta Physiologica
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Reactive oxygen species in renal vascular function
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which physiology journal is the fairest of all?
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Polyamines, metabolites and metabolomics
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Improvement of physical training by performance enhancing substances
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Another record submission to Acta Physiologica
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Circadian rhythms
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Strugala N, Persson PB:
Requested reviewers are nicer! Insight into manuscripts scoring
Acta Physiologica 226:e13326, 2019

Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica announces: publishing for nothing, open access for free for all German authors!
Acta Physiologica 226:e13277, 2019

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Intermittent hypoxia: Friend and foe
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A synthetic epoxyeicosatrienoic acid analogue prevents the initiation of ischemic acute kidney injury
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Strugala N, Persson PB:
How we rate manuscripts
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Metabolic modeling of kidney diseases: lessons learned from the liver
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A fluid shift for endurance exercise – why hydration matters
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Predation in science
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HIF prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors – the new lifestyle drug?
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Genetically encoded calcium indicators: a new tool in renal hypertension research
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Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica’s impact factor is once more well above five
Acta Physiologica 227: e13340, 2019

Persson PB:
Upcoming Acta Physiologica Award of US$ 100,000.00
Acta Physiologica 227: e13369, 2019

Persson PB, Persson AB:
Foetal programming
Acta Physiologica 227: e13403, 2019

Persson PB:
Good publication practice in physiology 2019
Acta Physiologica 227: e13405, 2019

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Publikationen 2018

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Cardiovasc Ultrasound. 16:10, 2018

Persson PB:
Record submission of well over 600 manuscripts in 2017
Acta Physiologica 222:e13022, 2018 

Persson PB:
One hundred thousand US Dollars to battle scientific logorrhea
Acta Physiologica 222:e12991, 2018  

Persson PB:
Our best 2015-2017
Acta Physiologica 222:e12983, 2018  

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Current matters of the heart
Acta Physiologica 222:e13002, 2018 

Persson PB:
Consider choices in the Gender in Sciencev debate
Acta Physiologica 223:e13029, 2018  

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Light and darkness in circadian rhythms
Acta Physiologica 222:e13036, 2018  

Schmidt V, Kirschner KM:
Alternative pre-mRNA splicing
Acta Physiologica 222:e13053, 2018  

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Acta Physiologica 223:e13062, 2018

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Gadolinium accumulation in the deep cerebellar nuclei and globus pallidus after exposure to linear but not macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agents in a retrospective pig study with high similarity to clinical conditions
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Critical appraisal and suggestions for harmonization – a joint initiative
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Loss of the hematopoietic stem cell factor GATA2 in the osteogenic lineage impairs trabecularization and mechanical strength of bone
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Oxygen – too little, too much or just right
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Hypoxia/Reoxygenation of rat renal arteries impairs vasorelaxation via modulation of endothelium-independent sGC/cGMP/PKG signaling.
Front Physiol 9:480, 2018

Persson PB:
Acta Award to Regensburg
Acta Physiologica 223:e13077, 2018

Zhang S, Huang Q, Wang Q, Wang Q, Cao X, Zhao L, Xu N, Zhuge Z, Mao J, Fu X, Liu R, Wilcox CS, Patzak A, Li L, Lai EY:
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Kidney Blood Press Res 43:860-871, 2018

Strugala N, Persson PB:
The case against personalized impact factors
Acta Physiologica 224:e13112, 2018

Persson PB:
Jan did it
Acta Physiologica 224:e13150, 2018

Mathia S, Rudigier LJ, Kasim M, Kirschner KM, Persson PB, Eckardt K-U, Rosenberger C, Fähling M:
A dual role of miR-22 in rhabdomyolysis-induced acute kidney injury
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Distinct expression oft he neurotoxic microRNA family let-7 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer’s disease
PlosOne 13(9):e0200602, 2018

Persson PB:
On top: Another great year for Acta Physiologica
Acta Physiologica 224:e13160, 2018

Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Metabolism, obesity and the metabolic syndrome
Acta Physiologica 223:e13096, 2018

Boyken J, Niendorf T, Flemming B, Seeliger E:
Gadolinium deposition in the brain after contrast-enhanced MRI: Are the data valid?
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Water is life
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cOAliation S troubles top journals
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Borders and beyond
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Hunger, craving and appetite
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Good publication practice in physiology 2017
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Persson PB, Bondke Persson A:
Can we make physiological research better?
Acta Physiologica 221: 224-226, 2017

Persson PB:
Top scores of 2015
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Low dose nitrite improves reoxygenation following renal ischemia in rats
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Article submission is the true obstacle of publishing.
Acta Physiologica 221: 83, 2017

Persson PB:
2016 Impact Factor for Acta Physiologica is 4.9.
Acta Physiologica 220: 397, 2017

Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica Award: Outperforming original articles from 2015-2017.
Acta Physiologica 221: 155-156, 2017

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Altitude sickness and altitude adaptation.
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You are not alone.
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High-fat diet induces unexpected fatal uterine infections in mice with aP2-Cre-mediated deletion of estrogen receptor alpha.
Scientific Reports 7:43269, 2017 

Persson PB, Persson AB:
Research funding: Do you get what you pay for?
Acta Physiologica 220: 177-178, 2017

Persson PB:
Announcing the $100.000 (one hundred thousand US Dollar) Acta Physiologica Award.
Acta Physiologica 220: 7-8, 2017

Persson PB:
Writing brillinat manuscripts.
Acta Physiologica 219: 700-701, 2017

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Understanding and preventing contrast-induced acute kidney injury.
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Vitamin supplementation.
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Exercise for healthy flow.
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Erroneous data on renal hemodynamics derived from DCE-MRI in rats.
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Open access: infatuation or love at first sight?
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Keeping in synch.
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Acta Physiologica's appearance and gestalt 2017.
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Channels and Channelopathies.
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Did you know? The Ussing chamber origin.
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What Do BOLD MR Imaging Changes in Donors' Remaining Kidneys Tell Us?
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Did you know? Neocytolysis, how to halt EPO?
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Persson PB:
Opiate of the masses.
Acta Physiologica 217: 270-271, 2016

Persson PB:
15.5 days to decision on your manuscript!
Acta Physiologica 217: 269, 2016

Persson PB:
Sex sells, ...
Acta Physiologica 217: 177, 2016

Persson PB:
Who can be more ignorant than an editor?
Acta Physiologica 217: 99-100, 2016

Persson PB:
Time is of the essence.
Acta Physiologica 217: 97-98, 2016

Dietze S, Patzak A:
Acta Physiologica 216: 379-382, 2016

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Salt: a matter of balance.
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Soon more journals than authors?
Acta Physiologica 216: 257, 2016

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Did you know that your cravings might be microbes Controlling your mind?
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Persson PB:
Good publication practice in physiology 2015.
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Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica in 2015.
Acta Physiologica 215: 161-162, 2015

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Dietary supplements: health from the ocean?
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High expectations: from Treatment to prevention.
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Impact factors 2014.
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Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of oral factor Xa Inhibitors.
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Did you know?
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Effects of iodinated contrast media in a novel model for cerebral vasospasm.
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TRPs revisited.
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Patzak A:
Kontinuierlich nicht-invasive Blutdruckmessung mittels Pulswellenlaufzeit.
Klinikarzt 44: 238-242, 2015

Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica strives to make the research world a bit fairer.
Acta Physiologica 214: 1-2, 2015

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The multiple functions of the endothelium: more than just wallpaper.
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Acta Physiologica's outstanding performance compared to Nature, New England Journal of Medicine and Science.
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Functional transient receptor potential vanilloid I and transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 channels along different segments of the renal vasculature.
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Skeletal muscle satellite cells as myogenic progenitors for muscle homeostasis, growth, regeneration and repair.
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Life, death and immortality.
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Diadenosine pentaphosphate modulates glomerular arteriolar tone and glomerular filtration rate.
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Persson PB:
Acta Physiologica introduces a 48-h policy for a first editorial decision upon your submissions
Acta Physiologica 213: 295, 2015

Publikationen 2014

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Bibliometric performance of Acta Physiologica.
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Extreme environments.
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The best years.
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Form and function in the vascular system.
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Regions-of-interest: where our readers and authors are from?
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Improvement and innovation in neurosurgery.
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Downloading-Reading-Citing? Some thoughts on our bibliometrics.
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