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The figure shows the section of a panel picture that was developed during a seminar on the physical principles of the electrocardiogram. The diagram shows the position of the electrical dipole and the locations of Einthoven's ECG leads.

Information for your studies

The Institute plays a key role in the teaching of physiology for pre-clinical medical and dental students.

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Employees of the Institute of Translational Physiology at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin are involved in the training of medical students, prospective dentists and other medical-related courses of study. The teaching formats include lectures, seminars, internships and events for problem-oriented learning. The teaching obligations include the supervision of small scientific papers within the framework of the studies as well as the supervision of dissertations.

Online portals for Medical Studends at Charité

  • eLearning competence area – central service and contact point for questions on eLearning at the Charité.
  • Blackboard – central learning platform of the Charité (Login required).
  • CampusNet - portal for students and teachers of medicine and dentistry at the Charité.

Doctoral theses at the Institute of Translational Physiology

Doctoral Projects

A number of doctoral candidates are supervised in research projects at the Institute. In addition to obtain a Dr. med., it is also possible for graduates from non-medical faculties to obtain a Dr. rer. medic. in Physiology.

Journal Club

In our regular Journal Club we present publications from specialist journals; presentation of the methods and discussion of the results.

Learning and deepening: 1) didactic structure of a presentation, 2) general handling of literature and original papers, 3) critical handling of results, 4) research methods, and 5) discussion of results/ classification into the overall context.

There will be up to two presentations à 20 min PPT with discussion afterwards. The presentation can be in German or English.

The presented publication should be provided at least two weeks before presentation time (reference with PMID or DOI/PDF/Web-Link) to allow preparation time for the session.

You are invited to participate after advanced registration. Please register with Carola Neubert carola.neubert(at)

The Journal Club takes place at Charité Campus Mitte, Virchowweg 6, CharitéCrossOver (CCO).

Monday, 30 Jan, 09:15 (on-line MS Teams)     
Franziska Rausch (Postdoc Mutig Lab):
Studies on the efficacy and safety of a novel oral phosphate adsorber based on maghemit-nanoparticles for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia.  
Monday, 20 Feb, 09:15 (Fenster der Wissenschaft, 5th Floor)
Luis Hummel (PhD student AG Seeliger):
Project Report: Gadolinium in the Rat Kidney after Administration of MRI Contrast Agents.
Monday, 27 March, 09:15 (Fenster der Wissenschaft, 5th Floor)
Tobias Sieckmann (PhD student AG Scholz)
Project Report: The Renal Polyamine System in Renoprotection
Monday, 8 May, 09:00 (Virchowweg 24, SemR 03.007)
Vera Kulow, Fähling Lab
The role of 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutase (BPGM) in the kidney   
Monday, 12 June, 09:00 (Virchowweg 24, SemR 03.007)
Antonia Bellingkrodt, Mutig Lab
Project Report: Naked mole-rat as an emerging model for renoprotection 

Monday, 10 July, 09:00 (Virchowweg 24, SemR 03.007)
Laetitia Malotka, Fähling Lab
Alteration of oxygen affinity after RSR13 or BW12C injection and its effect on renal oxygenation after acute renal failure

Summer break

Monday, 18 September, 09:00 (Virchowweg 24, SemR 03.007) 
Cem Erdogan, Mutig Lab
Vessel function in a diabetic mouse model
Monday, 23 October, 09:00 
Hoang An Dinh, Mutig Lab
Calcium signals in murine zona glomerulosa cells

Monday, 20 November, 09:00
Falk Lichtenberger, Mutig Lab
Soluble guanylyl cyclase activation lessens ischemic kidney damage in an unilateral ischemia/reperfusion injury model 

Are you interested in physiology? Or do you have questions about studying?

The Institute of Translational Physiology offers a mentoring for students of the model study course Human Medicine of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.


If you want to do your term papers (Hausarbeit) at our institution please contact the person in charge for teaching schedule.

Person in charge for teaching schedule at the Institute

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Fähling

head of the group, Vice Director